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This morning, I woke up fairly early and did a lot of cleaning around the house. I enjoy the house so much more when it is freshly vacuumed and cleaned, so yeh - I cleaned!

I then did web updates for a client and some other work.

My family then went to pick up 25 boxes of beef jerky dog treats. My family works with various animal shelters, and through one of those groups, there was a lot of extra beef jerky treats to be picked up by whoever could. We brought about 16 boxes to the Clifton Animal shelter. We then brought a box to each of our friends who have doggies - one to Niko the Boston Terrier, Gizmo the Chin, one to Dave's for Gracie the beagle mix and Joey the Great Dane, Madison the white fluffy thing, Gabriel the pug and Honey the lab...so it was a long and social day and I am pretty tired! It's nice to be sure that the food doesn't go to waste (there were still about 100 boxes left at the warehouse where we picked it up) and it's nice to help out the animal shelter here. And Niko ate a piece of jerky while we were at his house and he LOVED it. He was going crazy for it! Niko is so adorable.

This evening, I would like to create a layout proposal for a client. I would also like to do some sewing for my FIT thesis...