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After work today, I had a ballroom dancing rehearsal and it went really well. Last week we walked through the remaining choreography for the rest of the dance, and today we really worked on it and I'm pretty sure it is now all committed to memory. I filmed it again and posted it on facebook, so you can see it there. I'm not sure how else to post videos, so it goes there! I'm kinda sore now though since we were working on our lifts and turns and stuff, but it seriously felt like a workout. Lots of fun!

I visited with my Aunt Betty after the dance lesson too, and we chatted about life and what decisions I have to make in the near future. It was nice!

Now, I'm looking forward to taking a hot shower and going to bed. I wanted to accomplish some other stuff after work today, but it's just not happening.

I have made plans to meet up with Gina after work this week. I hope they work out - they're sorta tentative at this point, but here's hoping for the best!

On lunch, I ran errands at the drug store and was able to save $13 in coupons. Wowee!! Not too shabby!