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3 hours later - I have even more of the finishing touches on the paper finished. Sadly, there is still more to do, but it's really coming along. The footnotes, bibliography and edits are all completed. I now need to go in and add all of my images and write captions for them all too (ahhhhhh)

But, then with the addition of two more paragraphs, it will be ready to send off to my adviser.

However, I am feeling super guilty right now - since I have been working on my FIT thesis, I was unable to finalize everything for my NYU PhD application. Ugh. It was my goal to have it all packaged and ready to send tomorrow. Now, I am going to finish it over the weekend and send it out on Monday. It is due the 18th at 5 pm - so it still should be fine, but that is cutting it a bit close for my liking...boo.

Edit: 10:53 and I'm going to bed soon. The paper is now 67 pages - almost all of the images are in (1 I need to scan) and most of the captions are done. I need add a few more captions, scan the 1 image, write two paragraphs about making the re-creation bonnet, and I can send it off to my teacher! I can't believe how much work I got accomplished on this today, and in the past few days. Woohoo!!