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I'm kind of sad - I was going to go out bowling with Dave and his friends to celebrate a birthday this evening, but I just really don't feel well. I figured I would take a night off and hang out and (hopefully!) recover. Ugh. Not cool.

I got my hair highlighted this morning and I am super pleased with the color. It was getting really dark, and now it is back to more of a platinum. Yey!

In the afternoon today, my mother, Alyson and I deep some massive organizing in my room. My room usually is fairly organized and clean, but lately, I just haven't been able to keep up. We moved lots of things around in the closet to be even more efficient and organized, and it's looking good. The room part is still a bit sloppy - but the closet looks wonderful.

Oh - I also want to mention that if I go shopping anytime soon, I'm dumb. There is nothing that I could possibly need. I have so many purses. I have too many scarves. My shoe collection is massive. I also now have all of the basics that are necessary - formal, semi-formal, work-appropriate, weekend appropriate, etc. for EVERY season. For a while there, I had been missing nice work/church/dinner type event clothing for the winter months. That void has been filled. There isn't anything I need now!! This is actually a good thing - less "things" for me to spend my money on then!

I am almost finished with Harry Potter book 5. I'm not sure what book I am going to read next - so many choices!

I hope Dave is having fun - I'm sad I'm not with him, and I would have enjoyed bowling. But, I'm in my pjs and am headed towards the coach to either finish HP or watch tv - or nap!