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Well, the weekend is going by way too quickly as usual!

Friday night, I came home from work and made a recipe from Rachael Ray's 365 cookbook - lemony chicken with spinach salad. It was super tasty! Dave came over and enjoyed some as well, and then he and I just hung around watching tv and whatnot.

On Saturday morning, I ran some errands, including sending a book off that someone requested from bookmooch.com. I also played Webkinz a bit and did a lot of design work for clients. In the evening, I went to Dave's since he made pork chops (even though I had already eaten some of my leftover chicken) and had a mini-portion of his cooking. He and I then went to go see "Bride Wars." It was cute, but not like "best movie ever" or anything.

This morning I woke up and my mom and I decided to not go to church. Instead, I did some accounting and read some emails for web clients. Dave then called me saying he was making breakfast, so I went there. It was so adorable - when I walked in, he had finished cooking everything. There were two place settings with French toast, yogurt, orange juice, and a hot cocoa for me and coffee for him. We ate together and chatted and it was sooooo sweet of him. Made me totally happy.

I now have plans to go clean the house since I have some free time to be able to get that accomplished. Back to work tomorrow! I am also cooking dinner tonight - but not for tonight's dinner - for tomorrow, since the upcoming week is super busy!!!

Edit: I found this on IMDB about Anne Hathaway:

"In 1998, was nominated for Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role at the Paper Mill Playhouse "Rising Star Awards", an award given to high schools across New Jersey. Ironically, she was nominated for playing the Princess in "Once Upon A Mattress". To further the irony, she lost to a girl who was played the exact same role. The nomination billet listed her as Annie Hathaway."

I was at the Paper Mill that night - and ended up actually becoming short-lived friends with the "girl who won who played the same role" because I did the Paper Mill Playhouse Rising Star conservatory a year later.

Oddly - I remember seeing her perform her song at the nominations ceremony, but not enough to "really" remember it. Who would have thunk what would have happened within the next 10 years??


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Jan. 25th, 2009 08:43 pm (UTC)
Dave went to Bride Wars with you?! He is SUCH a keeper!!

I saw it as well, didn't like it too much though I love Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway. I think if I could look like any celebrity it would definitely be Anne - she is so pretty!
Jan. 25th, 2009 11:15 pm (UTC)
It was actually his idea! I think he confused Bride Wars with Rachel Getting Married though - cause at first he's like, let's see that Anne Hathaway wedding movie, ya know, Runaway Bride.

And I had to explain to him that Runaway Bride was Roberts and Gere in the 80s. So then he wanted to see the Hathaway bride movie "that was nominated" to which I was like, huh? (that's Rachel Getting Married...did that come out yet? Is it coming out soon? Is it a more guy friendly plot?)

So then we just figured we'd see the Hathaway bride movie...and the only one playing in the theaters was Bride Wars.
Jan. 26th, 2009 03:25 am (UTC)
I was supposed to see that last night with a friend but got sick and had to cancel. The joys of pregnancy! Husband didn't wanna see it so we saw that Bloody Valentine movie today instead. It was good but REALLY gory. I only saw it in 2-D we are not-so-high-tech here! I want to see Rachel Getting Married eventually, it sounds good.
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