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Lots going on! Yey!

My mom created a pattern a little over a year ago for a baby name hat. She knit it for gifts for friends and family who had babies. Andrew has one, Luke has one, as well as others. Recently, we decided that I would make one for Chloe and my friend Jenn's baby (the one who got the duck sweater.) We knew we needed to tweak the pattern again, and my mom's notes made sense to her, but not necessarily to anyone else who wanted to knit it. My mom and I went over the pattern, wrote it out, and then I knit the hat for Chloe. We then tweaked it a bit as I knit for Chloe...and then (this is my favorite part!) we offered it as a pattern on!

The pattern is: Baby Name Hat Pattern

What has me the most excited is that it has been on Ravelry for under 24 hours, and it is currently in 37 queues (37 people plan to make it at some point) and is favorited by 110 people!!

That just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! I'm patiently waiting for someone to actually knit it. I'm so excited to see someone else make it too!!
Tags: knitting, pictures

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