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Today was pretty cool. I got a Vera Bradley black purse that I really enjoy, I am going to use it to carry all my stuff to work each day. That makes me happy. Then I ran errands with my mother and sister, and went to the drug store cause I'm running low on essentials. I'm also putting together a care package for Dean and Josh (the ones I visited in North Carolina) so I went shopping today to buy the rest of the stuff that I am sending to them. I also went to my costume fitting for the show and I have some pretty nifty costumes. That makes me happy!
Tomorrow is going to be a crazy day. You'd think that a Sunday is a day of relaxation and that not much would be going on, but I will not have a break allll day. Yuck. I'm not looking forward to that and I should go to bed soon to get enough rest.
See ya later.


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Jul. 24th, 2004 08:20 pm (UTC)
aww thats so nice that you're make a care package for them. hope you get plenty of rest for tomorrow. sweet dreams.
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