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le petit monstre part 2

Boy, that dog is funny. Last night at 12:00, Molly decided she didn't want to sleep in my sister's room, the way she normally does. Alyson has a baby gate up, and Molly sleeps in her bed with her. Molly escaped the gate three times, whereupon I just decided I'd let her stay with me, which is sopposedly what she wanted. (I like to think this is because Alyson was gone all day so I took care of Molly and now she's choosing me over her own mother....hehehehe)
So Molly crawls under my covers and falls asleep by me. Remember, Molly isn't potty trained yet. She's paper trained, but Alyson has a hardwood floor and and I have a white carpet. Molly has also been sick yesterday and part of today. Well guess what...at 4 am I woke up and my bedroom smelled like shit. Yup, she exploded and it wasn't pretty. So I cleaned most of it up and took her outside to pee. She wouldn't. She ran around the backyard kinda slinking, which is bad cause normally when she does that, she catches and eats a bird. (she's gotten 3 so far...) It was still dark out so I wasn't sure exactly what she was doing. Then she decided to be obstinate and not go inside when I wanted her to. I finally lured her in with a dinner round dog cookie and we went back to bed. At 7 am, she woke up and peed and did a really unhealthy spurt of poop. My mom cleaned it up and took her from me, which I was very thankful for. What a doggie. Annnnnd guess what? Despite all her bodily functions, I love her to pieces :)
My mom, sister and I went to a wedding today. My sister went to the reception, but my mom and I didn't so she and I went out to dinner (My dad was hanging out at the pool club) That was fun mother-daughter bonding.
Now I'm just sorta taking it easy. Be back later!


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Jul. 30th, 2004 06:58 pm (UTC)
Aww poor Molly. That sucks about what happened (her messes, etc.) That's cool that you and your mom went out to dinner after the wedding. fun times. :-) ttyl
Jul. 30th, 2004 10:48 pm (UTC)
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