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I posted lots of pictures of facebook and don't really feel like posting a lot anymore, but sadly, Hurricane Sandy wiped out the LBI house. We had 41" of standing water outside, and 21" inside the house. It is all drained now and everything on the first floor of the house is ruined.

As we saw the house yesterday:

Screen Shot 2012-11-12 at 2.58.55 PM

Here is a picture from summer 2011, before the new floor was put into the living room:


Every bed, sheet, mattress, dresser, chair, table, lamp, flooring, electrical outlet, baseboard heating, etc etc etc is ruined. We had to throw out all of the contents of the shed - bikes, boogie boards, beach chairs, beach umbrellas, toys, coolers and everything else.

The house will be gutted and thrown out in the near future -we are just trying to coordinate everything and all of the work. We brought home some things that we were able to save, and they all fit in one large plastic bin - my grandfather's oil paintings of the beaches, some embroidery my mom did, my sea glass collection that I have been saving for years, a lighthouse lamp that was up high, the little wooden giraffe in my room, and a couple of other paintings/wall hangings. Everything else? Gone.

I started to make an amazon wishlist to catalog/organize the things that were ruined that need to be replaced (this is not a plea for gifts - it's my list to just show the weird strange things that get ruined in this type of situation.) So crazy.
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