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Today was a sort of blah day, I just did a lot of stuff around the house that had to be done. I also spent a few hours outside, thoroughly cleaning the interior and exterior of my car. I vacumed all the mats and carpeting, and really cleaned the leather seating and the dashboard. Then I washed the exterior even though it was washed last week to get all the grime and dirt that had collected within the week. I also cleaned the rims, cause they get so gross so quickly. I'm really happy with the way it came out. It was hot and tiring, but it is worth it! I don't think I've cleaned the interior of my car since about a year ago, so this was really needed badly!
Today I also finished the book "Making Minty Malone" by Isabel Wolff. It was really cute, I enjoyed it :)
I'm watching the Olympics at the moment. USA is amazing to watch in like, every sport! Yey!