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Today I went to the DMV with my mother to get my car inspected (I had until the end of August - cutting it close!) and to get my new license since that expires at the end of September. NJ has totally redone their licenses, so it is now all digital and pretty looking, instead of just a piece of laminated paper. I'm actually fairly happy with the way the picture came out as well which is neat. Then we went to a bookstore and I bought two new books (one Agatha Christie) and we got chinese food for dinner. A family friend came over tonight for the chinese food dinner, and brought along her dog, Lily, who is a boston terrier. Molly and Lily played together for the evening and the food was quite yummy.

I'm seriously upset though. I've had this problem once in the past, but not recently and I thought it was a one time thing, but not so much. I take my camera memory card out of my camera, insert it into the digital media part of my laptop and read it that way to download pics. Some how, last time I did this (after I took pics of Gina and Tim last night) I unformatted the card. It is now unreadable in both the camera and the digital media part of my laptop! It did this on my trip to Hartford, and my friend Tom was able to read it on his computer. I sent the memory card back to the company and they replaced it for free. It happened again a second time, and again I sent the memory card back. They haven't returned it yet (this was monthes ago) and I sorta forgot about it (which is dumb cause its a 256 mb card, not a cheap item). Well, it did it now again, and I don't have any other back up cards (my other 256 card as I just mentioned is at the scandisc company place, the one I was using is now completely busted). I have a 16 mb card from some random place (holds 11 pictures! 11! I'm used to it holding over 200!) that I will be using now, but this is ridiculous. Tomorrow I'm going to call both Scandisc for my memory card, and HP to discuss my camera. Overall I'm happy with the camera, maybe I just got a dud? Watch this, since it's been a few monthes since I got the camera (January? February?) the warranty will have just expired and I'll be shit out of luck. I normally don't complain about products, but this just upsets me since it is an object I love and use so often.

Wish me luck with the customer service of companies tomorrow. I'm going to need it!



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Aug. 26th, 2004 07:36 am (UTC)
it sounds like more of a problem with your laptop than anything else. the memory card is just a disk, it can't erase itself or corrupt itself. i'd definitely check online for updated drivers for your laptop's card reader. go to the support section of your laptop manufacturer's website.

there's a smaller chance it be the camera's fault, and if you call hp ask if they have a firmware update for the camera.
Aug. 26th, 2004 07:58 am (UTC)
I'm thinking the camera does it. When I was in Hartford, I was in the middle of a dinner, and took the card out of the camera for some unknown reason. I tried to put it back in, and that's when it decided to be "unformatted and unreadable."
The laptop is basically brand new, I don't think there would be an updated driver for it on the market yet.
Thanks for your help, it's just one of these problems that is sooooo annoying. I also vaguely remember reading an Amazon.com review on the camera where someone else had the same problem. I wish I had looked into more closely and done something about it the first time it happened.
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