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Beginning of September

The past couple of days have been crazy.

While I was still on vacation on Tuesday, I went to the beach with my dad. It was crazy - there were so many flies! The umbrella pole was covered, we were covered, our beach chairs were covered. It was definitely not cool. We went by the water, and the tide was high and the waves were pretty rough, so that was kinda sucky too. Then out of nowhere, very near the beach we saw a few large black fins. Of course, I was like, wow, a shark. But it turns out they were porpoises, and there were about 35 of them. The lifeguard went on his surfboard and went to go get a closer look at them. The porpoises were riding the waves, and jumping out of them. It was so neat to watch. There was one the really rode the wave just as you would bodysurf, then right before it broke, he jumped out and sorta flipped. It was like Sea World! What kinda creeped me out though was that the day before, I had been as far out as the porpoises were the next day. So like, can you imagine if I'm swimming, and all of a sudden 35 porpoises come flying at me? I wouldn't be real cool with that. But from afar (on shore) they were fun to watch!

I came home that night, and then I had class the next day (which was yesterday). My classes seem pretty neat, one teacher didn't show up but at least the people in the class seemed pretty cool. The projects all actually seem sorta fun and doable for both Computer Graphics and Art Therapy. I also met up with all different friends on campus, so it was nice to see my school friends again after the summer.

Today I came back down the shore and I just came inside and showered after sitting outside, trying to tan and riding my bike a bit. I'm about to do some shopping and then go out to dinner with my mom. I can't believe summer is really about to end. Although school already started, it's hard to believe summer will be "over" after Monday. I think I might go cry.



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Sep. 3rd, 2004 03:26 pm (UTC)
i love watching the porpoises. that's one of my favorite things about the beach.
Sep. 4th, 2004 04:18 pm (UTC)
all those flies at the beach is insane!
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