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Today was pretty typical, I had class and tried to get a lot of homework done. I feel like time is passing by so quickly, but that I spend most of my time writing papers and doing homework for all my classes. It's pretty crazy.

After classes, I met up with Cynthia since she is home from school on fall break (what is that, and why don't I have it!??!) and we went out to dinner. It was great catching up with her. It's so funny, during the summer, I spend practically every day with her, and then as soon as school starts, we're in different states. I'm planning on a trip to go visit her in the near future, so that should be a lot of fun.

Today I finished a five page paper describing an object at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for one of my art history classes. And, I also worked on my power point presentation that I have to do in front of the class about the same object. I still have another paper to write, a midterm to study for, and lots of other stuff as well. Isn't schoolwork joyous?

In happier news, I bought a mouse today. I was just using the touchpad on my laptop for the longest time since I broke my other mouse. I now have a pretty optical mouse that is superfast and zippy. Quite cool.

More homework, and bedtime!



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Oct. 19th, 2004 07:21 am (UTC)
lots of my friends have fall break too. what's up with that? we deserve a break, too!!
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