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The weekend

Friday night, Dave and I ate those Pizza Hut dipping sticks pizza stuff and watched "Wicker Park" at my house. Quite fun.

Yesterday, I had dance rehearsal all day. The dance we were working on is super cool and has great choreography, it's just tiring. My back hurt so bad at the end of the day, and when I got home, I just basically passed out. Rough night...hahaha...I was going to go out with Dana to watch Dave play hockey, but it just wasn't possible...

Today my mom and I went to some open houses in the area to look around and then we went to a house and design exposition to see what is on the market now. I'm surprisingly tired after that as well...Weird.

Now I'm going to do some cleaning, some work and pay some bills.

Be back later!


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Feb. 20th, 2005 09:04 pm (UTC)
i loved wicker park!
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