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No more Entertainment Law!

Well, I finished my Entertainment Law test and I think I kicked ass! I basically knew every question, and I really didn't question myself as I ansered them all. There was one I wasn't 100% sure with, but I think I guess correctly anyway. Yey for me!

Now, I only have Costume History left. For that test, it is open notebook and I went to every class so I'm not really worried. I'll be glad when my summer vacation begins, even though I will still be working and whatnot, but at least school will sorta be over.

I had newspaper on my floor for Rory to pee on. I also had the Victoria Secret bathing suit edition on the floor cause I'm in the market for a new bathing suit and they had some fun ones. Well, Rory was trying to tell me something, cause she took a dump in the middle of the magazine cover! Ack! I couldn't get too mad cause she *is* paper trained, and that is a form of paper covering so she was being good, it was just the wrong kind of paper....haha. whatever.

Back to prepping my notebook for the Costume History final! Yippee.



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May. 10th, 2005 04:19 am (UTC)
congrats on your test! it feels so good to walk out on a test knowing you did well. : )

poor rory. doesn't understand the importance of fashion yet. she will learn. ; )
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