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November 21, 2005

I posted this in my lj blog...
The upstairs part of my "area" of the house is all sheetrocked. I don't know if I've ever mentioned this before, but my parent's old master bedroom has now been turned into a 2-bedroom 2 bathroom area, its a short flight of stairs up for the other bedroom level. That will be my new "apartment" area for me to live in. The one bedroom will be mine, with a walk in closet and attached bathroom, and the other bedroom will be my "living room/craft room." I'm so excited. The other two bedrooms in the house are large...one of those will be my parents', and the houses original master bedroom will be an office or something. I don't even know. But, the sheetrock was finished a little while ago, and this weekend Dave and I primed the entire interior of my "apartment." I can't wait to paint now! With the short week and the long weekend, I plan on at least getting all the ceilings done in the new rooms, and then possibly getting some of the walls done as well. After work today, I am going to buy the paint. I got a Sherwin Williams Martha Stewart color card with five colors, and will use all the colors in the rooms - the hallway with the stairs and the door into the outer bathroom will be a light greyish. The "living room" is robin's egg blue, the hallway into my bedroom with the door to the bathroom is a light light green, the bedroom itself is a little darker than that, and then the area behind the built in bookshelves is a darker greyish/smoke than the hallway (called manatee..how cute is that?) I am soooooo thrilled to decorate.

This weekend, my parents and I went to the LBI house. Dave hung up a lighting fixture in the kitchen (a birdcage lamp thing with little birds on it...so cool) and then we went out to eat, but we also stopped by at our favorite furniture store down there. I had bought some stuff last week with my mom at Ethan Allen but I was still missing some key pieces. I bought a double chair couch thing in light green with a matching ottoman for the living room, a hand painted breakfast table (that closes into a desk when not in use) for the craft table in the living room, and a small (very small) handpainted chest for the first hallway to just hold some crap. My mom also picked out a kitchen table for the shore house while we were there. I'm so excited because this area for me is like having my own apartment, but I don't want to move out. I like the street and area I live on, it is close to both MSU and FIT (really short drive to the city) and it is just great. I don't have any desire to move out and pay rent to someone, nor do I have the amount of cash needed to by myself my own house that I would want to live in. So this lets me stay at home, but it is so far removed from the rest of the house, it's like having my own place. I also plan on possibly getting a mini fridge or something upstairs so that it really becomes my own little living area.

Now I just need to finish the painting, pick out the flooring options (I think hardwood in the bedroom, shag type rug in the living room), curtains, wall decorations, and put the whole place together. I also need to stop by Home Depot and pick out closet arrangements/shelves/drawers for the closet.

I know, I know...when Alyson moved out I got her bedroom and redid it, but that was just temporary. That will become my parents' room, and it needed to be repainted and redone for them anyway. I will still keep my Anthropolgie comforter in the new room, the colors all still match. The furnture that was Alyson's and now is mine will then be my parents', so it all just happens to work out.

I'll keep you all update, and will be sure to show pics!!!


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Nov. 21st, 2005 07:48 pm (UTC)
That's really awesome!
Nov. 22nd, 2005 06:38 am (UTC)
Sounds very cool! I need to re-paint my "studio." Blah.
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