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Going crazy!

I'm a little nutty at the moment. I spent a majority of the past 2 days at Ikea. I've never bought anything there before, but found that they had a neat closet/organization set up (the Pax system...) and it seemed to be the right size and had the right features and it was pretty cheap. Stephanie and I measured and found we needed 2 39 inchers and 1 20 incher (in width.) Well, turns out now, it might not fit, but I think it will. Like, exactly. And don't even get me started on the service and the trouble that I had actually at the store. The people who work there were not good, and I'm not a happy camper. I plan to NEVER go back there again, but I hope to enjoy my closet system.

I don't understand how the four day weekend went by so quickly. I got a lot done, but at the same time, didn't at all. I did a lot of painting, but the hallway and the (dreaded, with the Ikea stuff) walk in closet isn't finished either. It shouldn't be a problem, I would just be much happier if I could rest knowing it was completely done. On Thursday, I have to give this huge presentation, and I am majorly procrastinating on finishing. This upsets me more, and the obvious answer is to just keep working, but I can't seem to do that either.

The night before Thanksgiving I went to a bar with Alyson and we hung out with our old high school friends. Then on Thanksgiving morning, we went to our high school's football game to watch part of the game and the half time show. I was surprised that I didn't freeze and actually enjoyed myself.

I have started and completed a large chunk of my Christmas shopping as well. That makes me a happy camper.

Rory is notorious for eating her own poop and we always try to stop her. Well it turns out that tonight she managed to get a chunk, and it made her sick. This dog has hardly ever puked in her little existence, but man, she was not feeling well tonight. Poor gal.

Back to working on homework. I don't think it will ever end!


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Nov. 28th, 2005 04:39 am (UTC)
Everything in my rooms - both at my househome and here at my apartment - have everything from Ikea. :)
Nov. 28th, 2005 04:00 pm (UTC)
Poor Rory. I'd be sick if I ate poo too.

I've never been to Ikea but everyone here loves it.
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