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My Ethics, Law and Morality Presentation for my Business of Art class is tonight, and I'm being a busy little worker bee to complete it on time. I have ALMOST all of it completed, and I'm just taking a mini-break to post and then I'm back to fully complete it. I just need to do some editting and add some information here and there, but overall it is finished. I am going to be so happy once this evening is over and my presentation is done. It has been the only thing on my mind for the entire semester now, and I will be thrilled as soon as I walk out of my class this evening. It just sucks that it has occuppied all of my energy for so long...grr.
However, the closet system is coming along. I still need to go back and return the wrong size baskets and replace it with parts that will work better for my situation. The lighting fixtures were put up in the addition yesterday, so that is cool too. It looks really pretty, and now there is light upstairs! Yey! I still need to finish some painting, but I wasn't able to even think about that until the presentation was finished. So maybe sometime this weekend I will finish painting. Also, trim was put up around the windows and doorframes, so that will need to be painted now as well. I'm going to be a busy little worker bee, even after this presentation is completed!