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NYC - I met Paul Walker 2.17.06

I feel like a crazed teenager writing this, but it was kinda neat. I spent the day in the city today doing all sorts of things. First I went to a symposium at FIT in the program that I will be attending in the fall. I listened to some speeches on fashion and textiles and museums. I will be giving a presentation on this in a few weeks in my art history class, so I'm glad I got my symposium visit over and done with early on in the semester.

Then I headed uptown to the Met to take pictures of my object for my final paper that I chose for the same art history class. I will be doing lots and lots of research on what I picked - an Egyptian bronze cat with a mummified cat inside - I think there is a cat inside at least, will have to do more research on that. haha.

Then, headed back down town to a visit to the Museum of Modern Art casue I've never been. Dave and I had been saying we wanted to go for a while cause we both dig that kind of stuff, and it never happened. So, yey for today. And after seeing Starry Night, my favorite Marc Chagall painting of all time (I and the Village) and tons of Picassos, we are wandering through gallery (which we realized we had already been to and were just sort of lost) and bam, Dave is just talking to some guy, like hey, what's up, how are you doing?. And I'm thinking he's made a new friend, or he knew this kid from college or something. And I say, wait, do you know this person or are you making new friends? And Dave says, no, this is Paul. Paul I want you to meet Alex. So I shake his hand, and hi, how are you, and we both part ways. And them I'm like, um, who is this random person? And Dave is like Paul...in that move...and I'm like WALKER?? And he's like, yeh. Car movie.

Um. oops. Totally didn't recognize you buddy, but that's a good thing cause we were surrounded by touring high school groups of girls who would have swarmed and attacked the poor guy. But my hand hurt for a few minutes after, he had one hell of a grip!

So yeh. That was my day. Persistence of Memory by Dali was so teeny tiny, I was shocked. Is it super sad to say I was more impressed with Mr. Paul Walker than one very famous piece of art?


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Feb. 19th, 2006 10:04 pm (UTC)
aww, you got to meet paul walker! i love him. lucky girl :)
Feb. 20th, 2006 07:20 am (UTC)
honey, PAUL WALKER IS A PIECE OF ART! and you are one lucky girl!
Feb. 21st, 2006 05:52 pm (UTC)
Ahh!!! Paul Walker?! He's so friggin' fine. You're so lucky =) I love him. But I still love Freddie more. Hehe. I have a letter that I need to send you. I've been so swamped lately. Blah.
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