beach couple

8.22.11 said it was going to rain every day over the weekend in LBI. And, sorta last minute, Dave and I decided to chance it, thinking we could always come home early if the weather was awful. And it was beautiful! His mom and my mom were telling us how there were really bad thunderstorms at home, but we had clear skies and sun. Crazy! I'm glad we did actually go, and even happier that the weather was good!

On Friday afternoon, we went to the beach and just walked around. We then went back to the house and got ready to go out to dinner. We tried a place called Bistro 14, a restaurant and raw bar. I've actually never been to it, but have walked by it so many times. I have no idea why I hadn't tried it sooner - so good! We brought along a pinot grigio.

We got a table on the balcony, so it overlooked all of bay village, which was cool. I picked up the pottery that my mom and I had painted last week, and it's pretty neat as well. Hers is the cupcake, mine is the flower:

We then spent Friday night at the amusement park, and went on the big pirate ship and the scrambler. We also got ice cream and just walked around. Really nice night.

On Saturday morning, we got breakfast at the deli by my house and ate it out front. We then rented a kayak, and went kayaking in the bay. I had expected that the rental place would sort of drop us off in the bay, but it turns out they didn't have waterfront property, and basically just strapped a kayak to your roof and said "Have fun!" We ended up finding a street that had a little mini-bay beach to walk on (no pier) and we launched from there. It was a perfect spot. Once in the bay, we kayaked to an island in the middle of the bay, and landed there and then explored the island. There were wild hermit crabs, lots of fish, regular crabs, many different types of birds - it was really pretty.

After our kayak trip, we got lunch at the deli again, and then went to the beach. Gorgeous weather, gorgeous waves. We went swimming and napped on the sand.

On Saturday night, we went out to eat at a restaurant called Bisque. Bisque had been by my house, and then moved further down the island. This was the first time we went to their new location (we didn't go last year) and it was nice. While there, we ran into a woman that Dave works with, which was nice.

We ordered an amazing baked brie appetizer, and both of our dinners were really good as well. We drank cabernet savignon and had a really nice night talking and eating the good food!

After our dinner, I bought fudge at a place called "Oh Fudge!" (Dave likes Country Kettle Fudge better - Oh Fudge! is nearer to the exit of the island, so we sometimes stop there when driving home. Since we passed it coming back from Bisque, it was easy to just stop in and buy it then) Then, we went back to the beach at night (after I took a long walk with Turbo) and started watching the Exorcist. We then made a trip out to get ice cream, and then finished watching the movie.

Sunday, we woke up and basically lounged around, got breakfast, packed, and drove home. Nothing exciting. Once home, I found out that Dave's cousin Kristen and her two sons were going to come over swimming at our pool with Andrew and Alyson. I told Dave, and he said he was planning on coming over anyway to do something on the pool with my father and to swim. So, we had a little party!

Dave's cannonball:

Dave was teaching Jack how to jump in the pool and not do a bellyflop. It was really cute! Dave is a lifeguard and taught kid swim lessons, so it's good having him around with all the children, cause he gives them all little tips and helps them learn how to swim. Luke and Andrew are both a bit young, but it's still cute.

Jack on Dave's shoulders, me with Luke:

Me with Andrew. He loves the hose and likes spraying people with it and filling up the watering can. He wouldn't drop it!

Fun pool day!

I'm still working on the knit turtle, but progress is a bit slow. I didn't do any knitting while in LBI - I didn't have a lot of down time! Here he is so far - shell top, body, and one leg. I have since finished the bottom portion of the shell, and a second leg. (This picture was taken while in LBI. We also got new flooring in the living room since I was there last weekend - it was rug, and now it's a pergo.)

This picture is kind of odd, but shows off the new floor. We finished the kitchen last year, so it is now new Kraftmaid cabinets, green/blue granite countertops, mosaic backsplash and a tile floor. Now the living room is pergo instead of the carpet, so it looks cleaner and bigger.

We try to do some kind of update each year - we are also going to look into putting in a real heating system so we can go down during the winter because it is now currently baseboard heating only in the living room and kitchen, so it's not an all-seasons house. But, maybe it will be soon!

I'm back at work now, and last Friday was my last summer-Friday-off for the summer. So sad - I'm now back to working 5 days a week. Obviously, that's normal, but one or two more weeks of summer Fridays would have been really nice.
green tree floral


I'm worried about our trip for this weekend - the weather looks as if it is going to be pretty crappy, and if that is the case, there really is no point in going. I'll just have to play it by ear and keep checking

Last night, Dave went to eat dinner at his sister's house - he invited me, but I had just finished cooking at my house. He then sent me a picture of the mobile my mother made set up in the baby's room, and I thought it was cute:

Gina picked me up on my lunch break and we went out to eat together, which was nice. It's always fun to catch up and made the day that much more exciting. Some fun to look forward to, and something to break up the monotony of the work day. (And she liked my feather hair extension, too! Yey!)

Not much else happening. Just hangin' in there. Last work day of the week, too. But, it is also my last Friday off for the rest of the summer. Next week I go back to working 5 days, instead of 4 for summer hours. Sucks.
beach couple

My trip to LBI with David, July 15th-17th

We were going to leave Thursday night, the 14th, but when I got home from work, there was just a ton of stuff that needed to be done. I ended up running errands and doing things for Aunt Betty. Also, there were a lot of events the following week (2nd birthday party, 50th birthday party, Michelle's shower) and I needed to get gifts for some of them, and wrapping paper. I bought wine for the 50th birthday party, and then bought wine for me and Dave in LBI since it is cheaper here.

Going into our trip, this was the projected weather:

And it was just that...absolutely perfect!

Friday morning, I got Dave by 7 am. He wanted to leave by 6, but it just didn't happen. We arrived at the LBI house (with Turbo!) by about 9 am, which is a pretty quick trip. There was no traffic, no issues - smooth sailing.

When we got to the house, we noticed that the shower head/pipe in the outdoor shower had come off the house, so we went to the local hardware store for a 29 cent bracket to fix it. (Dave fixed it. I bought the bracket.) Then we went to Wawa to buy food for the weekend, and lunch. After that, we went to the beach! It was a perfect beach day. We both went in the water and just relaxed.

Back at the house, we rested and I did some knitting. We then went to go out to dinner at Sweet Vidalia, a tapas place, but it had closed and a restaurant called Carmen's was there. So, we tried it. It was yummy!

My dinner at Carmen's, chicken and shrimp in a sundried tomato cream sauce:

In the late evening, we walked around Bay Village for shopping, ice cream and just enjoyed the island life.

In front of the house with Turbo

The next day, Dave wanted to try crabbing. I thought it was best to do that down by the lighthouse on the north-most point of the island. Dave talked to some fishermen there, and gave us a better location (but I thought this picture was cool)

We ended up on a pier in Harvey Cedars, which is also more north than where my house is (but the entire island is 18 miles, and a good portion of that is a nature preserve, so it takes a while to get there with traffic lights, but is a straight drive)

Crab bait - frozen fish. Yum!

But, we didn't catch any crabs. Neither did the other people around us who were crabbing. Boo.

After crabbing, we went to the beach:

And then dinner at the Boathouse, one of our favorites.

After dinner, we watched the sunset on the bay:

Then played mini golf:

Par for the course was 90. Dave got 92. I got 97. Not bad. We both actually got a lot of holes in one - and I didn't think that I would get any!

On Sunday, we didn't do a whole lot, but got ready to go home. Really nice mini-vacation!


Here is my knitting progress!

I finished sewing on the snaps for the blue cabled vest last night. I have yet to take pictures of me wearing it since it is the wrong season, but here are two of the vest on my mannequin. The first is from the front, with a belt since I want to wear a belt with it when I wear it. The second is from the back.

I also took a picture of some of my progress on the baby giraffe sweater. I did more after this picture was taken, but you can still see how the colors go together. (The blue yarn for the giraffe sweater is leftover from the vest! I love it when projects use leftover yarn - they are then cheap, and it uses up my stash of yarn!)

cartoon mannequin with KNITTING


I finished my yellow knit cable vest last night!

I was able to weave in all of the ends that I didn't get to the night before, and I finished the second armhole ribbing. I'm very pleased with the end result! I'm even wearing it to work today.



Lots going on! Yey!

My mom created a pattern a little over a year ago for a baby name hat. She knit it for gifts for friends and family who had babies. Andrew has one, Luke has one, as well as others. Recently, we decided that I would make one for Chloe and my friend Jenn's baby (the one who got the duck sweater.) We knew we needed to tweak the pattern again, and my mom's notes made sense to her, but not necessarily to anyone else who wanted to knit it. My mom and I went over the pattern, wrote it out, and then I knit the hat for Chloe. We then tweaked it a bit as I knit for Chloe...and then (this is my favorite part!) we offered it as a pattern on!

The pattern is: Baby Name Hat Pattern

What has me the most excited is that it has been on Ravelry for under 24 hours, and it is currently in 37 queues (37 people plan to make it at some point) and is favorited by 110 people!!

That just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! I'm patiently waiting for someone to actually knit it. I'm so excited to see someone else make it too!!