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A few updates!

I finished the sweater - woohoo! Last night, I started the crochet flowers and sewed on most of them. After work, I finished the last flower and sewed the beads into the middle of the flowers. So, it is all completed!

And just because I wanted to share - here is a picture of me and Dave in the pool last Sunday:

wayne thiebaud cakes

Calling everyone - come on Roxydolls!

Hi everyone -

This is still a bit in the working, but I wanted to announce and give out the url to my new web project.

I have created a magazine-format blog, called The 20's Life - 20Something Lifestyle.

I wanted to create a forum that enabled people to discuss any life events that take place in the years after college -early 30s. Buying a house, relationships, decorating, entertaining, pets, getting married, etc. Everything! There are other Sites out there that I frequent, but they are very specific to a certain topic. I wanted this to be about anything - very similar to the Roxydoll UBB. (For my non-Roxydoll friends, for many years I had an online bulletin board where teens posted about anything on their minds. I loved it. I made so many friends that way)

So, please do take a look around and join the bulletin board. To do so, click on "Forum" along the top and then create a login for "Blog Frog"

It's still somewhat in testing mode - but I did get my very first comment on a blog post yesterday (and I swear, I don't know the person! They just found my blog!) Things may change around a bit in the next few days, but it is up and running.

The twitter name: the20slife (Follow it!)
Bulletin board direct url:
urls: &

(I have also purchased and in case this takes off - or I grow up.)

Also, if you are interested in helping me moderate, or WRITING BLOG POSTS (yes!) please let me know. I am definitely looking for more writers and help.

This has been on my mind for the past few months and has been my pet project. Everyone, please do join. I hope for this community to be as successful as the one we had in the past.